Oh hi there.

November 23, 2009
by Benjamin Karnow (bhk05)

welcom to my web sight.

No, seriously, if you somehow came across this page, excellent. This is my progress blog for my Division 3 project, now, and you’re invited to watch! Here, I will be posting my progression towards a playable Unreal Tournament 3 modification, based around the principles of narrative immersion and character development.

A little background-

In the Future, Earth is a poisoned garbage dump, full to bursting with humans, and nearly uninhabitable. In a heroic display of effort not seen since the original space program in the 1950s, though, 99.9% of humanity leaves Earth in the space of two years, spreading out across the stars in an event the history books would call “The Unsettlement”.

There were some who chose to remain, though, to renounce the dream of greater things to to reject the stars. They were called “Rejectionists,” but most of them just wanted to live in peace. And so, Earth became a planet of silence, a shadow of its former self.

Thus, the tentative title of this project is “Silent City.”


December 11, 2008
by Benjamin Karnow (bhk05)

Just to get some content here.


Me. Just me, for now. Benjamin Karnow.


Right now, UT3 Level Design. Soon, my Div 3.


When I get stuff to post. Work stuff, obviously.


Because I can.


Now these questions are just getting silly…


No, I hate it. END OF QUESTIONS.

Hello world!

December 11, 2008
by Benjamin Karnow (bhk05)

Welcome to i3ci. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging about your cool Computer Science project!